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Check Out Some Of Our Students And Their Recent Zoom Recital Performances In Front Of 400 Attendees! 

Many Of These Students Performed After Just Months Of Finding Us!

  • SHORT RECITAL clips (Summer 2023)

  • SHORT RECITAL clips (Winter 2023)


This is the comprehensive solution for all pianists desiring to improve their craft while playing by ear. The holistic approach addresses not only how pianist play their instrument, but how they "think" about their craft with a clear and concise process that produces mastery.

Kay Larry

The VIP coaching program provides a mentor, coach, leader and teacher into one. His name is Dr. Onye who has over 20 years of experience. He brings forth passion and the desire for his students to grow. This also translates to a passionate VIP coaching community of all levels. This team over delivers and Dr. Onye goes above and beyond which provides a lot of value to fellow students. If your stuck and. Want to get to next level, or maybe just want to strengthen your music theory concepts and use it for music production the VIP coaching program is perfect for you!

David Sertile

Dr Onye’s teaching in the VIP coaching program is showing me the best way to practice to achieve my music goals. In the last few months I have improved my listening skills and have learned music concepts to use to be a better player.

Becky Bahas

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While has helped thousands of musicians in 23 years through our courses, dvds, and online videos, this program is an exclusive, small-group opportunity aimed at personalized instruction, accountability, and feedback.


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