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27 Gospel Courses Worth $1,350.00 -

97% Off This Week Only

Step-by-step courses on the fundamentals of praise, worship, hymns, traditional, urban & contemporary, CCM, music theory, ear-training, and beginner 101.

Gospel Music Training Center (First 30 Days)

$1,350 $37

The Gospel Music Training Center hosts thousands of members around the world and includes access to 27+ courses, 1,007 lessons, 2,129 videos, audio backing tracks, software, pdf guides, midi files, and growing! It is the longest running training platform for gospel musicians, since August 2000!

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Fulfill Your Purpose & Finally Play Beautiful Gospel Piano Like You Were Born To!

Learn To Play Gospel Music On The Piano The Contemporary Way.

Our interactive training community features over 1,007 lessons, 2,129 videos, audio backing tracks, pdf guides, midi files, and more.

Created for all skill levels, especially total beginners.

Starts from scratch. Extends to advanced players.

Designed to work at your own pace. Slow or fast.

Learn praise, worship, CCM, urban, and traditional styles.

Tired of Feeling All Alone?

Ever Wanted To Give Up Your Dream?

  • Tired of no organized curriculums or schools for real gospel music?
  • Tired of no professional gospel musicians available or willing to teach you?
  • Tired of playing Beethoven or Bach when you really want to play praise and worship?
  • Tired of being left to piece things together for yourself?

Most students find us after hitting their heads against a wall on Youtube. Unfortunately, random videos can only get you so far. We provide a step-by-step curriculum made specifically for gospel music, by gospel musicians.

Solution: The Right Information In The Right Order

For 20+ years, we've given music learners the tools and resources they need to learn many styles of gospel music, while enjoying the process.

Comprehensive 9-Hour A-Z "Foundations of Gospel Music" Course

Featuring 5 sections, 35 lessons, guides, and more.

Weekly Song Lessons

Songs are the final result. We provide over 1,000 song lessons to apply what you learn.

Full Course Library

Courses feature a series of related lessons. Examples include "Chord Cardio," "Song Stamina," "Musician Breakthrough," and more.

Daily Community Chats

Our expert faculty is available for audio, video, and text chats daily. Meet other members too!

Backing Tracks, Midi Files, Sheet Music, & More

Additional tools to help you practice, discover new chords, and retain knowledge.

The Gospel Music Training Center is your answer to years of struggling and wishing you had a step-by-step process to learn the music you love. It is designed by professional gospel musicians for students who want to focus specifically on gospel music. 

Unlike other programs that may feature a small sample of gospel lessons, our platform is gospel-centric and loaded with thousands of hours of lessons featuring all church styles, from A to Z.

Brought To You By Hearandplay.com & Trusted By Musicians Everywhere

While HearandPlay.com has helped thousands of musicians in 23 years through our courses, dvds, and online videos, this program is an exclusive, small-group opportunity aimed at personalized instruction, accountability, and feedback.


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