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We’re on a Mission To Help You Master The Piano Once and For All.

It's that cozy time of year again, and we've got something special lined up for our HearandPlay VIP Coaching family. How about we keep the good times and tunes rolling?

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Appreciation, On a High Note:

We're beyond thankful for your energy and the music you bring to our community. This deal? Consider it a high-five for all the awesome you do.

Let’s Keep the Music Alive:

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Our C.O.A.C.H.I.N.G Promise



This is the first step of any new achievement. The coaching program requires a level of commitment that most students haven't yet given to their dream and passion of playing. Commitment in schedule, commitment in practicing and reinforcing what's been learned, commitment to grow.



This program is aimed at the outcome of allowing you to play in public with freedom (choice), confidence, capability and poise. The semi-annual recitals give you an upcoming goal to set your mind towards.



Because this program involves group learning and interaction, you are not only held accountable to your coach but to your fellow students.



The fellowship and camaraderie of others striving towards a goal or mission cannot be understated. This is a powerful dynamic and synergy that leads to greater commitment, courage, and confidence. In other words, when you see others strive and achieve more than expected, it motivates you to do the same!



Your coach is a never-ending source of help and resource throughout the entire coaching program, in addition to tools, aids and other events designed to facilitate growth.



You are constantly put in situations that inspire you to work hard towards your dreams. Whether fellowship nights, spiritual talks, student-organized events, you are surrounded by positive energy all working towards a mutual goal.



You are not only taught music but nurtured in the process of growth. Sometimes, all one needs is exposure to the right path and the rest is history. We nurture you through that path.



This program would be nothing without progress. It offers a path from starter and beginner levels to intermediate and experienced levels. There's always a next level you can achieve. Your graduation will entail a recital and achievement plaque.

Why You Should Renew...

  • Musical Journey: Piano learning is a long-term journey, requiring time and commitment. Multi-year packages offer the support to master the instrument fully.
  • Patient Practice: Rushing can lead to missed learning opportunities. Multi-year packages give you the time to hone your technique and achieve excellence.
  • Potential Unlocked: Great pianists are made through sustained effort. Consistent support over years is crucial to reaching your highest musical potential.
  • Personalized Learning: Everyone’s pace is different. Tailored multi-year programs allow for a learning path that fits your personal goals and preferences.
  • Joy in Progress: Enjoyment comes from the learning process itself. Multi-year packages let you relish each achievement, enhancing the rewarding experience of piano mastery.


 Celebrating the Passion of Our Long-Term Learners!

These members have enrolled for 2, 3, and even 4 years!

I'd like to congratulate and extend a heartfelt thank you to our devoted members who have chosen to continue their musical journey with us: Herbert Gowen, Sharon Graves-Magwood, Earneice Coefield, Jean Newman-Phillips, Donna Palanyandi, Greg Scruggs, Ellia Gustafson, Barbara Baldwin, Kay Larry, Albert Moss, Anna West, Barbara Sanders, Becky Bahas, David Sertile, Willie Benton, Tiki Dakolo, Spencer Williams, Soji Oguntonade, Sherry Jameau, Sheila Coleman, Sharon Graves-Magwood, Sarah White-Josna, Sabrina Zackery, Rolanda Sykes, Patricia James, Patricia Jackson, Patricia Lewis, Pat Lawson, Mary Gaskins, Marvisleen Graves, Lara Familua, Kia King, Jean Newman-Phillips, Ian Clelland, Emogene Ingram, Ellia Gustafson, Elizabeth Clay, Kassy Jackson, Diane Harris-Sumlar, David Murdock, Dalyce Brooks, Cecilia Alford, Carolyn Mounday, Brian Jackson, Beverly Lynshue, Annette Banks, Albert Moss, Anna West, Barbara Sanders, Laura Hubbard, and Lisa Crumpton. Your enthusiasm and dedication are the keystones of our thriving community. Let's continue to hit the high notes and make beautiful music together in the years ahead!

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