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What students are saying about the Gospel Music Training Center

Kay Larry

Member since 2012

"A clear and concise process"

This is the comprehensive solution for all pianists desiring to improve their craft while playing by ear. The holistic approach addresses not only how pianist play their instrument, but how they "think" about their craft with a clear and concise process that produces mastery.

Becky Bahas

Member since 2018

"GMTC will take you to the next level!"

GMTC education gives you the tools to not only make your songs sound better but help you to be more creative with your music. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, the music education from GMTC will take you to the next level.

David Sertile

Member since 2012

"Broad range of styles!"

GMTC is a great environment for learning. As a musician, it has multiple videos for different levels of skill in a broad range of gospel, traditional, and contemporary styles. I love it!

About the HearAndPlay.com

Founded in August 2000, HearAndPlay.com has helped hundreds of thousands of students to learn music. 

The Gospel Music Training Center was founded in 2008 to focus specifically on students who want to become gospel musicians or improve their current skills. It boasts over 2,000 tutorials, backing tracks, bi-weekly trainings, software, and more.

Our vision is to change the way the world learns music.