Chord Cardio GMTC Lesson – Major Chords –

"Finally! A Practice Series That Treats Playing The Piano Like A Daily Fitness Regimen!"

Introducing The Chord Cardio Course - Your Source For Daily Musical Exercising!

Only Available To Gospel Music Training Center Members!

As a Gospel Music Training Center Member, you'll get access to this entire Chord Cardio series as it covers every chord type over time.

  • Additional chord types added weekly
  • Explore all inversions and positions
  • Download backing tracks in every key
  • Do the exercises everyday to build familiarity, strength, and dexterity!

Want To Keep The Learning Going?

You Can Practice Your Major, Minor, and Dominant Chords Just Like This In The Full Chord Cardio Series! This Course & Dozens More Are Available To You As A Member Of The Gospel Music Training Center!

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